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Adam Grant reveals keys to #creativity

Speaking at Monday night’s Authors@Wharton event, the charismatic Grant gave a preview of his new book Originals, which delves into the value of creativity and individuality.

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How to think like a creative genius (Opinion) –

Whether you’re a world leader, a high-level executive, or a customer service agent, to be effective at your job, you need innovative solutions to problems.

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Using Pictionary to Study Creativity and the Brain

Researchers at Stanford are trying to see what parts of the brain underlie creativity.

Investigators at Stanford University have found a surprising link between creative problem-solving and heightened activity in the cerebellum, a structure located in the back of the brain and more typically thought of as the body’s movement-coordination center.

In designing the study, the researchers drew inspiration from the game Pictionary.

A new study is the first to directly implicate the cerebellum in the creative process. As for the brain’s higher-level executive-control centers? Not so much.

We found that activation of the brain’s executive-control centers — the parts of the brain that enable you to plan, organize and manage your activities — is negatively associated with creative task performance,” said Reiss, who holds the Howard C. Robbins Professorship in Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences.

Creativity is an incredibly valued human attribute in every single human endeavor, be it work or play,” he continued. “In art, science and business, creativity is the engine that drives progress. As a practicing psychiatrist, I even see its importance to interpersonal relationships. People who can think creatively and flexibly frequently have the best outcomes.”

Teaching creativity: born that way or waiting for the muse?

“What I’ve come to understand is that teaching creativity is not about dishing out a set of instructions how to do it, but much more about helping students to identify the kinds of situations or conditions they need for this receptiveness to occur.”


Professor explains how she helps students get beyond the 18th century Romantic view of the artist as a genius, one of a kind, a great original, and into their own creative space.  Good read for everyone, even those not in the arts.

21 ways to unlock creative genius – infographic

Just in time for planning your World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 celebrations… a few reminders of actions you can take, some small, some larger, to refresh your thinking to create new futures.

21 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Genius Info graphic Design by Lemonly

Learn more about unlocking your creative genius and infographic design from Lemonly.

You Are a Genius: 5 Steps to Creative Freedom

There are genius nurses, genius firemen, genius parents and genius accountants. Genius relates to the how even more than to the what.

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This article lists  behviours associated with creativity.

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