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How to …?

Click on these links for examples for celebrating in different places: WCIW@home, WCIW@work and WCIW@school.

Tweet this to your peeps: Happy World Creativity and Innovation Week. April 15 – 21. It’s in you. Use it. Do good. Go! #wciw  Wouldn’t it be great to have World Creativity and Innovation Week Tweet Trend April 15 – 21?

SHARE YOUR PLANS during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21.

You can

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  3. Like our World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 page
  4. Tweet your wciw announcements using #wciw

What others have done…

Hundreds of people, groups, organizations, schools and communities take part, each in their own way.  Below are samplings reported from Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, the Netherlands, Canada, the US, the UK, Mexico, Slovenia, since its beginning in 2001. NASA, the American University, the Ontario Public Service, the International Center for Studies in Creativity and many others celebrate – why not you?

  • Businesses and organizations use the week to release employees’ creativity through innovation activities resulting in boosted morale and engagement. Examples include: Office decorating, taking a ‘recess’ or break to write stories and poems, doing something meaningful to help a charity.
  • One office went all out.  They gave everyone entering their building WCIW branded crayons and recycled paper notepads with inspirational messages on each page at the beginning of the week (800 people!) to launch their WCIW programs. They followed later in the week with a talent show, a cookie decorating buffet, and a Tai Chi workshop.
  • What kind of corporations celebrate? Pfizer Consumer Health, Disney, PHD Canada and Touché PHD, Johnson & Johnson Medical Products, the Ontario Public Service. Even the Weekly Reader (US) posted pages for students and teachers in support of innovation and creativity April 15 – 21.
  • Community Businesses and Associations appeal to children in unique ways: Girl Scouts of America in Cincinnati involved troops using creative problem solving on community issues; Boston, MA an actor gave a free workshop on improvisation and creative problem-solving; Windows of the World, Kansas, MO provided art materials and a challenge for school children to complete for an art fair.
  • Families revitalize with quality time together: they eat dinner together – backwards, children roleplay parents, new family crafts projects are undertaken.
  • Schools engage students in activities that spark their creativity: invent-a-thons and brainstorming lessons have been given or held at Rosebank Road Public School, Pickering, ON; Baythorn Middle School, Markham, ON; Lorraine Academy, Buffalo, NY.
  • Friends get together to do a new activity: potluck dinners with all new dishes, going to a new restaurant, doing something no one in the group has done before and always wanted to. Examples – San Diego, CA; Neenah, Wisconsin; Toronto, ON.
  • Individuals do something a little different each day, such as brush their teeth with their other hand or find a new way to go to work.  La Paz, Bolivia – One person appeared on TV proclaiming World Creativity and Innovation Day on April 21st; Bilbao, Spain – a man organized a list of inspiring authors to read to advance his creativity; a woman in Norway decided to go ahead with a project she’d been going back and forth on and visited an arboretum for an artist’s walk with a friend to celebrate her decision and to brainstorm new ideas; another attended a workshop.
  • Street festivals take place. Examples – Bangkok, Thailand; Zona Norte, Argentina
  • Conferences present creative thinking and innovation leadership and engagement talks and workshops . Examples – Crea, Italy; Atlanta Creativity Exchange, Atlanta, GA; Ontario Public Service, Toronto, Canada; American University, Washington, DC. Markham Board of Trade, Markham, ON.
  • Cultural institutions hold special programs. Examples – The Ontario Science Centre,  Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario all in Toronto, Canada.  Varley Art Gallery, Unionville, ON. The Buffalo Museum of Science, the Burchfield Center in Buffalo, NY.

The sky is the limit.  There are many ways to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21.  It’s in you. Use it. do good. Go!

Want to generate your own ideas?  USE the #WCIW Decision Making Tool.

Assemble your World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 celebration for this year.

  1. do something different
  2. on your own and/or with others
  3. use imagination
  4. generate new ideas
  5. make new decisions
  6. inspire new thinking
  7. unleash creative potential
  8. do good

Want inspiration for what to do? (so many people ask)

  1. Make the box bigger, or better, imagine there is no box. For wherever you may feel a little stuck, widen the limits for a new point of view.
  2. Question what hasn’t been asked.  Find something you know a lot about, and discover something new about it.
  3. Make new connections.  A new friend, a new invention, use a new social networking tool.
  4. Relate the unrelated.  When looking for ideas for something during #WCIW, pick something random to use to associate with your topic to gain a new insight.
  5. Connect emotions with thoughts, actions, values and beliefs.  Here’s something new – find a behaviour you do that does not align with your values and see how you might change it up a bit so that its a better fit.
  6. Appreciate restlessness as a signal for a chance to do something differently.  Are you antsy about something?  Time to take action either straight on or to consider that annoyance is a key to your freedom.  What is it telling you?  Where’s the opportunity for growth/change?
  7. Increase satisfaction, meet yours and people’s needs in new ways.
  8. Take an action so that you or your children will have a more desirable future
  9. Let the past be a guide post, not a hitching post.  Appreciate that soon you’ll be moving on.
  10. Be open to experiment. When’s the last time you made or ate a homemade meal created from scratch?
  11. Adopt a ‘let’s learn from our mistakes’ attitude.  Might work well especially if you are making a meal totally by scratch (see 10).
  12. Realize that the first idea is a rough draft, open to refinement.  So many people think they need to get the ‘best’ idea from the get go.  Uh-uh. This week, let the idea presented be a draft, worthy of working on to improve, to make it better.
  13. Keep your sense of humour.  Always.  And use your creativity too – new ideas, new decisions, new actions – to keep your knees bent (like all good surfers).
  14. Give yourself new experiences. They are a treat, especially safe ones that inspire new thinking, new actions and expand your repertoire during #WCIW.
  15. Learn something new.  Why not?  Maybe if you are making a meal from scratch you can learn a new spice or recipe.
  16. Find out what troubles confuses others, then find new ways to ease their pain and bring clarity in ways that encourages them to realize the potential of their creative imagination, together with action, doing good….
  17. Send WCIW messages/tweets/fb greetings
  18. Hold a pot luck and use only dishes you’ve never made before
  19. Brush your teeth with your other hand
  20. Hold a brainstorm session for new ideas with a group

Another Checklist for Your WCIW Planning

Select one of the following as your purpose to in planning for WCIW, then put something together to make it happen.  Doors are wide open about how – in person, in writing, a YouTube video, Prezi, etc.  Make sure to share your results on our Facebook group, Page, LinkedIn Group and tweet using #WCIW. Whatever you do can be small, medium or large.

  • Practical application of: a new idea, a new decision, using a new thinking tool to get new ideas for innovation, etc.
  • Improve people’s abilities to deliberately use creativity in innovation (new ideas, imagination, new decisions, new actions)
  • Inspire people to believe they can use creativity even if they don’t think of themselves as creative
  • Unleash the power of creative imagination
  • Bring people together around a shared need + value for creativity + innovation, for a group, a team, a community
  • Support people making positive visions of the future as fuel for creative innovation
  • Familiarize people with a creative process
  • Clarify frameworks to understand creativity and innovation
  • Identify steps and stages to help people use creativity + innovation processes

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