What WCIW is About. More Ideas for your Celebration.

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World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 (#WCIW)

  • It is about affirming everyone’s ability to generate new ideas (quick – what are 5 reason’s you should get a raise?) and make new decisions (Chinese for dinner tonight, or Italian, maybe Thai – we’ve never had Thai) in any arena – home, school, business, governments – you get the picture.
  • It’s about spreading the word about how you and others are using their creativity – new ideas, new decisions, new actions – to make the world a better place and to make your place in the world better too.
  • It’s about doing something new, something different, having new ideas, harvesting new considerations, putting things together that haven’t been put together before.
  • It’s about seeing things in new ways, asking new questions, collaborating with new partners, holding the ground for new ideas to surface, putting two ideas together to create a third better idea.
  • It’s about unleashing the power of the creative imagination

HOW big are the celebrations?

  • One person
  • Two people
  • Families
  • Teams in organizations, global organizations, entire businesses
  • Classrooms, entire schools
  • Conferences, presentations
  • You name it, you create it

Ideally, WCIW celebrations are:

  • Meaningful to the people engaged
  • Conducted responsibly
  • A little out of the ordinary, different from the day-to-day
  • Based on a good quote from a reliable source

You can…

Provide practical applications so people get used to using creative thinking and feel comfortable using it to overcome obstacles, respond to a challenge moving innovation forward or think-up new inventions.  Practical applications give people confidence in exercising their creativity. For example, you can teach people how to brainstorm and use creative thinking tools to generate new ideas on something that’s important to them.

Improve people’s abilities to manage creativity for innovation. You can show people how to do two kinds of thinking: generate first, then select, and ask them to list lots of ideas before settling in on one.   Welcome all ideas, evaluate them later.

Inspire the deliberate use of creativity in business, education, and community decision-making every day.  Start this week to use imagination to dream up new opportunities and aspirations. In meetings, call for a 5-minute  idea break.

Unleash the power of people’s creative imagination to uncover/discover opportunities, emerging trends and patterns for new inventions and actions. For example, you can ask people to imagine the best possible invention that could exist that would make their lives easier.  or you can ask what problems they’ll need to solve 2 years from now and use that as a springboard for innovation. What invention would make your family’s, company’s and customer’s lives easier?  After a number (at least five different kinds of ideas) are suggested, select one to investigate as a possibility for the future.

Bring people closer together around the shared need and value for creativity and innovation. Use a common goal for your community or partnership to bring people together.  For example, you can get your book club, or community group together to discuss how to inject more creativity into what you do as a group to inspire new thinking and action.

Energize people’s positive visions of the future as fuel for innovation Sudden changes shake and shape people’s perceptions and reactions. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a positive outlook and plan for creating a bright future? For example, you can play Louis Armstrong’s It’s a Wonderful World and have people suggest what the most important thing is to remember if a sudden change should occur that changes their lives.

Familiarize people to new ways of thinking about themselves  and others using low-risk activities. A lot of people don’t know what it feels like to use their imagination or their creativity. For example, you can provide simple art tools to people and have them draw a picture of creativity and then invite them to talk about what they felt after they do it.

Clarify frameworks for people to understand how the innovation process can work. Many people appreciate outlines, structures and definitions for creative and innovation processes so they can plan and track their progress. For example, you can provide a simple step-by-step outline of an innovation process to let people know about the different stages and what to expect in each.

Other examples

Post your WCIW Event/Activity/Conversation

Thanks to Megan Mitchell (megan.mitchell at sympatico dot ca) and Mary Ann Sayers for helping to edit this page!

8 thoughts on “What WCIW is About. More Ideas for your Celebration.”

  1. for Creativity and Innovation week We are offering a unique opportunity for art and craft, building block expression,creative movements with dance singing and pretend play in our daycare in NE Calgary

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