WCIW 2010 and Earlier

This page continues to be updated as we  search through old files .

PHD Canada in Toronto, Canada celebrated WCIW 2010 in many ways, including hand decorating bus shelters at major downtown intersections.  They decided having recess was a good way to encourage creativity that week.  Article here.

PHD Canada - Queen_Spadina
Queen and Spadina
PHD Canada King_Bathurst
King and Bathurst

In Toronto Canada Leonardo Da Vinci Awards were given out for Creativity and Innovation in the Arts, Business, Education and Entrepreneurship during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, 2007.

Here’s a week’s  sample calendar of activities from the Ontario Public Service in 2005

Open minds, hearts, eyes to new ideas, new decisions, new actions: one week worldwide

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