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For further detail, see also: Sustainable Development Goals, What Local Governments Need to Know

Partner with World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21 and Week April 15-21 to help make a decent life for people on a sustainable planet

Leverage World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21, and Week, April 15 – 21; make the world a better place and to make your place in the world better too.  Take the opportunity to practice and use creativity in problem-solving to advance the global goals.

Spread the inspiration, engage your imagination and release pent-up creative energy worldwide. Do something new and different that connects you directly to make a difference in creating a decent life for people on a sustainable planet.

Share your thoughts, actions, processes, and outcomes.

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The above form asks for information to post on the 2018 page for others to learn from and grow. Our hope is to contact you for feedback and updates on your progress and outcomes. Your information will be kept confidential. No marketing emails will follow, nor will your data be shared without your explicit permission.


  • Use creativity in problem-solving to create a decent life for people on a sustainable planet. Stimulate your thinking using the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Celebrate the unlimited potential of creativity and innovation
  • Raise awareness; let people know that  everyone can generate new ideas, make new decisions, take new actions, produce new outcomes
  • Encourage people to use new ideas, new decisions and new actions to improve their lives, their work, their community
  • Prepare people to accept, contribute to and take part in the innovations to come

WCIW_FULL_Num_med_bestEvery year, everywhere, everyone.  Creativity is in you, use it. Go!


24 thoughts on “Upload Your 2018 WCID and WCIW Activities”

  1. Hi,

    I’m contacting you from Year Ahead, an events website. We list details of World Creativity & Innovation week each year and I was hopin gyou could confirm a contact email adress to list on our website. This would be seen my marketing and PR porfessionals. We also list that you are willing to hear from potential sponsors. Our subscribers would then use the contact details listed to get in touch with you directly.



  2. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the yellow feather-like shapes of your logo are an optical illusion that open out or fold up depending on which way you scroll the page. Nice design metaphor!

  3. Hi, I’m Violeta Morán National Coordinator of Fundación Emprender in Ecuador. We would like to host World Creativity Innovation Week in our country, but the days for the week aer over. I would like to know what can we do in Ecuador to participate in this initiative. Thank you!

  4. Hello, Can I have permission to add your logo to the side bar on my website and can you tell me the preferred link to attach to the logo?
    It is best to e-mail to “J4C @ outlook.com” (remove spaces.)

  5. Hello. I am Fernando Ortega from IGECOS in Peru. IGECOS is a NGO devoted to promote innovation, in SMEs mainly. We are interested to support the organization of the Global Creativity and Innovation Week in 2015, in Peru. Do you have some representatives here? Please help us to contact them. Greetings from Peru. My email is fosm1961@hotmail.com

  6. Thanks to the support from Marci Segal, we are organizing two big events on April 21st in Peru:
    – The Meeting of Peruvian Young Innovators
    – The Innovation Night.
    Both events are sponsored by WCIW, Southern Scientific University and the Ibero American Innovation Network.
    We expect to gather more than 500 people in both events.

    1. Fernando – this is wonderful news! Thank you for inspiring joy and opening the door for new emerging potentials during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21, 2015.

  7. We recently setup a group in Nigeria called innovation and creativity group with the aim of supporting students and unemployed youth in Nigeria but we need your support

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